Snacks from the « Screetz »: Boxer Basket

This basket’s contents offers a crunch that should surely « knock your teeth out(fun and crunchy snack). This basket contains these contents(if you want to make this): Lays chips Munches chips Kettle chips If this does not knock any teeth out, I almost guarantee that you will irritate the fuck out of someone by crunching loudly with these.😂😂🤣🤣 Continuer de lire Snacks from the « Screetz »: Boxer Basket

Snacks from the « Screetz »

I thought of something because I was broke and decided to come up with this if I could not afford to give my family any Easter baskets around Easter. I couldn’t give them any at all. So, I share this with you. And, I will showcase this on Instagram soon. I dubb this « screetz » because it is considered « ghetto ». These are ghetto snack baskets. The … Continuer de lire Snacks from the « Screetz »

Twerk Alert!

Welp!  The « twerk » ho is still on the loose. She has twerked in the grocery store,  On Martin Luther King, Jr.’s gravesite (I heard), in a « blue man group » costume, and in other locations. I have yet to see her twerk on Youtube on Hugh Hefner, on a police officer (while he’s in uniform and on duty), with Hugh Grant, at the white house, with … Continuer de lire Twerk Alert!

The Way, Way Back

Last night I went to the premiere of the movie The Way, Way Back, starring Maya Rudolph. I also took my daughter to see it. Everyone had to buy their own snacks. To add, everyone also had to turn their cell phones, mp3 players, etc. in, to avoid piracy violations (until the film ended). I was told that the glasses everyone was handed  were 3D … Continuer de lire The Way, Way Back