The Sexiest Red Headed Rocker of the 1980’s

I was on Yahoo Answers the other day (I love that site) when I needed a question answered. Does anyone remember that kick ass show called Radio 1990? To me, it was one of the coolest video shows on television in the 1980’s. It was one of the greatest video shows back then, too. It ranked tops in greatness, along with shows such as: Night … Continuer de lire The Sexiest Red Headed Rocker of the 1980’s

Wiener T.V.

Who hasn’t heard of Congressman Wiener? I’ve heard of him a couple of times. He was in the news, on the internet, and was mentioned the other night on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Wiener is famous for showing « his stuff » on his cell phone. When I watched the Jimmy Kimmel show, Jimmy said that Wiener showed « his crotch ». I thought Congressman Wiener actually showed … Continuer de lire Wiener T.V.