Shake Yo Ass!: Part 1

20140330_085929You know, politics is really something. I do not like politics at all. I give it a « thumbs down » in every way. March 4th, 2014, the main voting for the Texas primaries will take place. This election will put individuals in office, who are running for state senator, judge, congressman, and other positions. One of the things I never liked concerning politics is when politicians an other people use an incident as their platform to get people’s attention.
One such case was the Schiavo case. Other examples are: the morning after pill and other matters. One politician (I cannot remember who) thinks it is important to keep the U.S. constitution as it is. The constitution is a very important part of U.S. history and law.
However, it still considers the « black man » to be 3/5 of a man. This is the part of the constitution that has to be changed. It needs to be written that black men are 100% human being and are to be treated equally. Then, it needs to say that fro that moment on there will be no more race labeling in this nation, every human being will be considered a person, and that is that.
Otherwise, courts will still and can legally judge a black man to be 3/5 of a human.
That means that blacks will continue to be beneath all races. Look at what happened to Trayvon Martin. Look what happened to those thousands of individuals affected by Hurricane Katrina. The U.S. is always in foreign nations’ business. This includes rendering aid to other countries when things are never going good in the U.S.A. at all!
Over fifty countries from around the world offered to take in all individuals wh were displaced from Hurricae Katrina. Many nations from around the world offered to take all of the hurricane Katrina people to live in their nations! Oh, my God! The response from the United States: no.
Can you fucking believe this shit? Even Mexico tried to render aid. When those from Mexico attempted to render aid, they were restricted to help in San Antonio! I could not believe what I read in the Dallas newspaper concerning this.
George Bush, Jr. was president at the time. Condoleeza Rice (a black person) was secretary of state at that time. What in the fuck was wrong with her? I certainly didn’t know. Why in the hell did the president say no? My fucking God! I wish I knew! New Orleans was in a serious state of emergency at the time. It would have been proper to ask each adult individual where in the world they would lik to fly to (to live) and stay (what country) from the list of nations that offered for the Katrina victims to live.
Every president on down (members in other branches of government) gets in office every four years.They talk mostly about the same shit. When there is no change, it is usually blamed on the president who held office before the new one. When the situation gets worse, an excuse is used explaining that the current president is just doing what the former president before him started.
It seems like every time election time arrives, candidates talk about the same ol’ shit. Also, it seems like nothing ever changes, either. There are always issues such as:

Education, abortion, unemployment, the economy,war, the middle east, Africa, healthcare, and illegal immigration.

Abortion Issue: Personally, I think the age of 20 is an appropriate age to have children and no younger.

Education: Education is O.K. However, I think that children do not have long enough summers to play. Further, I believe that school should begin September 20th and end May 1st.
Parents should be given an option to put their preschooler child (age 3-4) in school all day from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. To add, I believe that no child should have to make up any snow days, nor days due to teachers deciding to abandon their duties to go picketing somewhere, to be heard about their grievances.

Healthcare: Getting good quality healthcare is a problem in the United States, period. Especially when a person is poor or middle class.
Usually, if a person is poor , an individual who is newborn until the age of 17 can be covered by some type of free healthcare program (if they have a responsible family member to make sure that they go to their apppointments, renew their medical cards, etc.).
This depends on the state they live in, also. I cannot speak for every person, either. Free healthcare has changed now for those who are age seventeen and for women, period. The Health Department now charges money. If you are not sure about this department, it is the same department that passes out the birth control pills. When you come out of the office, it looks like you are holdig some kind of goody bag filled with treats. Planned Parenthood has taken off where the health department has failed (so to speak).
One such issue is privacy. Years ago, I heard firsthand how workers from the health department dealt with people and their problems. In the past others and myself have heard professionals’ conversations with their patients talking out loud through that infamous box glassless window at the front desk.
That kind of action could scare many people away from getting much needed medical services. These days Planned Parenthood has received less funding. they usually can be trusted with people’s privacy. However, it is a questionable matter concerning their free healthcare services.
On the internet it says that they offer free services to the poor and unemployed. I personally knew someone who was poor and unemployed. For two years this person had to go without healthcare regarding their women’s issues because Planned Parenthood was supposed to be free.
When she went to their office, she was told that she had to pay. She had no money. She ended up going to the emergency room, described her symptoms, and was given an antibiotic that is usually prescribed to the elderly with a U.T.I., and was not given a complete examination while she was in the emergency room.
There was not even a culture done. Next, between the ages of 18-64 there is no hope for the poor to get total health and dental care for free as needed. Free health and dental clinics for th public are very rare and limited. Most doctors like to donate free healthcare and dental serices to foreigners across the globe.
This is usually because it is interesting an exciting to them. I have heard this with my very own ears. Free health and dental fairs/clinics for the public, I repeat are very scarce. When there is a dental fair, people have to wait for hours.
And, when they do, most of the volunteers only ofer to pull teeth and run out of supplies quickly. Root canals are hardly done. Anything else, fuck it. Many are turned away and are told to go to a dentist when they are penniless. Especially when supplies are low or running out. Dentists usually don’t do fillings at these fairs/temporary clinics, either.
Root canals are hardly ever done at these fairs. Baylor Dentistry for the poor is a big laughingstock. A complete fucking joke. Those between the ages of 18-64 only have a hope to live to get to age 65, where they can so call get full medical and dental services through medicare/medicaid.
By the time one reaces age 65 and older, medicare and medicaid is a bunch of bullshit, too. Those co-pay and whatever charges eat up old folks’s retirement check. This makes it impossible for a senior citizen to be able to live on their own if they desire.
Being considered « middle class » is no walk in the park, either. If you happen to make it to the three month mark on a job as a middle class person, your job may offer you an insurance package. O.K. So, you sign up for an insurance package. You may sign up for health, dental, and death/accidental death insurance. You read all of the fine print and details.
Soon you may discover that all of this insurance may be great, but the fees are steep, causing a big chunk of that paycheck of yours to be gone. You may actually have to still pay cash out of your pocket, on top of getting money taken out of your paycheck!
Then, your medical and dental will only cover certain procedures! Shit! How fucked up is that?!!!! You may need over $40,000.00 worth of dental work done. And, you may not be able to get your procedure/procedures done, due to limitationsbased on what your insurance offers.
There are tons of other problems middle class people may experience. Because of examples like this and depending on all bills you may have (including rent), you may even have to drop your insurance, because too much is being taken out of your paycheck.
If this does happen, once this happens, all of the insurance companies may take your entire check, leaving you with NADA upon cancellation. And, without a refund of any kind!
What might you face now? You may face paying cash for you and your dependents’ medical bills and/or surrendering and just goin to the emergency room each time, hoping to get quality healthcare, and a proper diagnosis to get the appropriate medicine, treatment, etc.
The rest of your money most likely will be used for bills, putting food on the table, transportation, clothing, personal hygiene items, miscellaneous items, and seeing what you can do for entertainment, phsical fitness, and more with what money you have left.
Obamacare may work for the wealthy. But, not for the poor, nor middle class. Obamacare is not needed. Good, quality, fee, and affordable healthcare is needed and Necessary for ALL AGES.

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